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If You Never Thought “Rickrolls” Were Funny, Maybe You Should Skip This Post.

There once was a man named Bertold
Who drank beer when the weather grew cold
As he reached for his cup…
Oh, snap! You just got limerickrolled!


RickRoll Hazard: Watch out for "funny" RickRoll.

And when you least expect it... rickroll!

So, you’ve heard about all kinds and manners of RickRolls, all converging together towards the same obnoxious pop hit from the 80′s. You’ve seen it happen on the streets, on campus, in your own birthday party. You’ve used it as a weapon to protest against Scientology, and seen it used to make a tool out of TV news anchors… All the while, you’ve spent countless hours humming that god-forsaken tune, to the effect that you’ve practically grown immune to the Rick Astley Syndrome.

Do you know the rules? Well, he does.

Rick Astley: Never gonna give you Up.

If so, well that’s a shame… because you probably won’t be able to appreciate some of the

Funniest, most Unexpected RickRolls:

Rick Roll is your DOOM! Just listen:

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