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They Challenged Me To Write About The “Challenge Accepted” Meme… Here’s The Result.

A friend of mine just dared me to write a post on the latest Internet meme, so naturally I was all like…

challenge accepted

the catch-phrasial challenge has indeed been... accepted.

Challenge Accepted! Here’s the latest meme.

What? Haven’t you noticed how everyone and their cousins keeps saying “challenge accepted” even when no challenge was actually proposed, much to the confusion of the other participants in the conversation? Haven’t you wondered just what did they mean exactly, crossing their arms and striking a defiant pose even as they grind their teeth, decisicively uttering how the “challenge” has been “accepted”? If not, you clearly haven’t been going out much. But hey, check out this reference article for some background information on this “challenge accepted” catchphrase everyone keeps saying lately.

Suffice to say, this meme likely originated from a TV trope first seen around 2010 in the awesome sitcom “How I met your mother”, in which the incorrigibly compulsive lover-boy Barney Stinson once started uttering “Challenge accepted” in a remarkably unrelated display of his fierce determination. Here, just watch the full scene… it will probably make more sense. By the way, if you’re not watching this TV show you ought to, because it’s probably the best American situation comedy in the last few years:

Long story short… it didn’t take long until this “Challenge Accepted” became a catchphrase in the TV show, and from there it was no time at all until it became an extremely popular trope (check out the chart bellow the paragraph for evidence). In short, this is pretty much why all the kids keep accepting challenges out of the blue, when they’re trying to be cool and hip… or whatever. In the past few months this term has become wildly popular, so count yourself lucky… because after reading this post you’re officially in the know.

Ah… but we still haven’t covered how the “Challenge Accepted” deal, originally voiced by the coolest of the cool “Barney Stinson” from the Tv show “how I met your mother”, eventually became an Internet meme. Right? Well, actually that’s covered in the website I linked to early in this post. But in case you weren’t paying attention, the blame is likely to be applicable to this forum where a bunch of procrastinating kids quickly reached critical mass.

Eventually one of them started doing 4-pane cartoons like the ones bellow, and…. well, let’s just put it this way: you better be amused with this kind of thing, because you’ll most likely be exposed to LOTS of it in the next months/years until the catchphrase fades. In fact, you can even use this cartoon template thing to come up with your own takes on the “Challenge Accepted” meme. How about that? Are you up for the… uhm, task?

challenge accepted: the meme