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Circus Gallop (by Marc-Andre Hamelin): the first Classical Trance music in History?

We can only imagine what renowned composer Marc-AndrĂ© Hamelin was thinking or feeling, when he composed the music “Circus Galop”. Quite possibly, he was trying to create a piano music that not human could possibly play, or maybe he was actually one of the first (and unlikely) pioneers of Trance music on piano? Since my research on the matter has bore little fruit, it’s up to each of us to wonder and come up with our own theories. While doing so: I invite you to (re)visit what may just be the most wacky, energetic and all-around kick-ass piano music ever conceived… Circus Galop.

Circus Galop on Piano Player (nickelodeon/pianoroll):

Circus Galop interpreted by Hamelin


Circus Galop Music Sheet:

If you think that’s awesome, make sure to grab the Circus Galop MP3 right here!