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Best Crop Circle Pictures this side of the Galaxy! But Were They Made By Humans?

We all know crop circles, those mysterious, intricate – often gigantic patterns that seem to recur in crop fields just before harvest. Some of us imagine it could be the work of alien civilizations who trying to impress humans with their artistry (the outer space equivalent of love wallpapers, perhaps?); others believe that crop circles are a new breed of country-road art. How about you?

Let us know your opinion via comments, after you check out this selection of pictures comprising some of the most interesting crop circles ever spotted on Earth. Also, you might want to check out the video at the end of the post, with a theory on how crop circles may be the work of ingenious humans, after all.

when the crops twist and turn and swivel....

when the crops twist and turn and swivel....

Our Favorite Crop Circle Pictures:

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