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Why is Keanu Reeves Sad? Learn the shocking truth.

What valid reason would have a famous movie star to sit alone in a desolate bench, chewing on a sandwich and looking remarkably glum? Lots of reasons actually, of which the gross of the populate (that’s us) know next to nothing about. But since we rather enjoy mocking people more than we enjoy understanding their ache… let’s all start making silly Photoshop collages featuring sad Keanu Reeves! In fact, let’s make an Internet meme out of it, why don’t we?

Sad Keanu Reeves: Valid Reasons for a rather Gloomy parody?

There isn’t that much in the sense of a back-story, but if you still insist on learning the details, it goes more or like this: one day just like any other, Keanu Reeves was sitting on a bench somewhere, eating a sandwich, and looking a bit depressed or introspective. A bunch of vultures (sorry they’re telling me the proper term is) Papparazzi “happen” to spot it, and snag a few pictures of sad looking Keanu. You can see how it went from there, right?

One of those pictures happened to inspire a random bored Internet user, who decided to fire up Photoshop to try and think of a way to make the picture even more depressive for Reeves, and funnier for the remaining 5 billion or so human beings. Lo and behold, that’s pretty much how Internet memes come about! Sooner than you know it, forging pictures of sadder-than-thou Keanu is the next best thing, as far as the Internet populace is concerned. The result is occasionally pretty amusing, as you can see from the following gallery.


Let’s face it, even the main man Keanu must have had a hard time not to smile when he realized the huge waves of repercussion brought about by him just sitting in contemplation eating a sandwich. It would actually be funnier if originally he was sitting there thinking “how can I possibly increase my popularity without trying too hard?”, but that…. we may just never know. Unless we actually bother checking out the following interview where the dude expresses his feelings over the whole “Sad Keanu Reeves Meme” thing.










































Hey there Keanu don’t you worry about the pigeons:

Keanu Reeves talks about his unlimited sorrow: