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This 3D Park Landscape Art Is Confusing; But Once You Look In Perspective… It’s Amazing!

Oh, boy! The artsy fanboy within yours truly is just hopping with excitement and struggling to hold the pee in, at the sight of something as amazing as this piece of 3D landscape art. Actually, this would qualify as a brilliant Anamorphosis: an optical illusion that’s achieved by projecting/distorting an object of figure in such a way that it literally pops out when observed from a specific angle. Like so:

"Qui croire?" by françois abélanet (front view)

This brilliant display of 3D landscape art was conceived by Mr. François Abélanet, and it took the labor and dedication of nearly a hundred participants, over the course of five days. Its stands across an impressive span of nearly 100 metres, square volume near 1,500 metres, and hundreds of cubic meters of lawn, sedum and straw. It’s sitting next the City Hall in Paris (in from of the Hotel de Ville), where it will remain until the 15th of July. Too bad this is just a temporary installation! The city of lights would not be the least bit slighted by keeping such an impressive artwork in its streets. This is what it looks like when seen from an angle:

"Qui Croire"? side view

According to the brilliant author of this masterpiece, he meant to propose a point of convergence between nature and city. In his own words: “we live in a world where one hears the debates of ecologists, scientists, manufacturers… I simply wanted to note the problem of the tree and invite people to question the place that it, nature, and the environment have in their lives”. And wow, the results sure speaks for itself. In case you’re curious, here are a couple of pictures showcasing the assembling of this work.



Impressive, don’t you think so? If you happen to be visiting France and get a chance to drop by Paris in the next couple of days, you should definitely check this out in person, and maybe send us more pictures to add to this post. ^_^

In the meanwhile, for those of us unable to see this awe-inspiring sight personally by visiting the “Jardin Ephémere” exibit in Paris, this video is the next best thing. Sit back, relax, and let yourself get carried away across this rather unique park!