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Michael Grohl’s “You don’t come to my show to fight” REMIX

Have you heard about the latest Internet meme, which just sparked over David Grohl’s aggressive-pacifist interjection during the Foo Fighters concert at the iTunes festival in London? That would be the “You don’t come to my show to fight, you come to my show to dance!“, and if you don’t know about it you can read some back story further down this post.

Shout out violence, it’s the cool thing to do.

Anyway… as the story goes most of the cool kids these days are remixing this little gem of non-violent music plead. And since I also feel like being cool, this here was my humble contribution. If you want to make your own, make sure to post it via comments and I’ll be happy to add it to this post.

“You don’t come to my show to fight”, screams out Dave Grohl

It happened a few days ago, the July 12th 2011 at the iTunes Festival in London. It was a Foo Fighters concert not unlike any other, when the musician decided he ought to call the attention of a certain stripe-shirted man, whose aggressiveness was getting out of control. As you can see in the following picture, Grohl was rather assertive and subtle with the way he handled the situation:

Ok, maybe he wasn’t all that subtle, but it sure seems to have worked! I can almost imagine the striped-man shirt’s ego deflating along with his urge to fight, once he realized he had just became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. The actual address is transcribed subsequently, and could very well be inscribed in a prominent section of the Rock’n’Roll history books,

“Hey, in the striped shirt, look at me right here, motherfucker. Look at me! Look at me! Get the fuck out of my show right now. Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out of my show! Get the fuck out of my show! Right now! You don’t come to my show and fight — you come to my show and fucking dance, you asshole! Get the fuck out of here!”

Now that’s what I call rock’and’roll! If only more music stars would take up this kind of stand, and I’m pretty sure than being a troublemaker would not be as fashionable. I almost dare dream of a reality where the cool think to do would be stopping fights, rather than picking them up. Do you suppose my hippie side is getting the best of me, dear readers?

Ah… regardless of the fact, one cannot help but learn a thing or two from this musical moment… Such as, do not pick random fights in a rock concert. Or at least don’t wear a striped shirt while doing so, or you’ll be more easily picked out from the crowed and ridiculed publicly by the band’s front-man. To live and learn… isn’t that the whole point?