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The Funniest, Most Extreme Sport Ever Imagined; It Involves Using… an Ironing Board.

What do white water rafters have in common with cyclists? What do mountain climbers have in common with deep sea explorers? How do sky divers relate with domestic housewives? Why, that’s pretty obvious actually: they are all very much into extreme ironing! The danger sport of the new millennium, in which adventurous spirits often risk their lifes to achieve a common goal… the satisfaction wearing a well pressed shirt.

You might remember that I’ve mentioned this cutting-edge extreme sport a few years ago. But I can almost bet you thought it would be an inconsequential fad, now didn’t you? Well, as you’re about to see, nothing could be farther from the truth. Extreme ironing is more popular than ever before, and legions of crazy people make a point to participate in this bizarre mix of extreme sports with performance arts and sharp-dressing statement all rolled into one.

Also, there’s something that should be said in defense of the people who practice this peculiar “sport”. They may seem unconcerned with the high risk of eminent death, but they certainly are committed to attending their own funeral in a nicely pressed set of clothes!

So what is extreme ironing, anyway?

Well, if you’re the kind who likes to know about all the details, may I recommend checking out the appropriate entry on the Wikipedia? There’s a bit of fascinating trivia over there, including details on the whys and wherefores that led to the establishment of this innovative sport. In any case, here go the Cliff’s notes, for those of you who aren’t inclined to reading long winded explanations:

1) you get a pressing iron + ironing board

2) you head out to the most unlikely, bizarre, and dangerous setting you can imagine

3) you get someone to take a snapshot and presto! you’ve just made some extreme ironing, you crazy wild child, you.

4) if you really acted on the previous steps, you might as well send us your picture to add to this gallery.

This gallery, which so happens to be the single largest collection of extreme ironing pictures from across the Internet and beyond. That’s right, I dare you to find an extreme ironing gallery with more pictures than this one, and I’ll personally send you the double difference, or whatever. And that includes the official extreme ironing official website, which for some reason seems to be down for maintenance at the time of this writing. Anyway, let’s cut to the hard-pressed action, shall we? Introducing…

The largest extreme ironing gallery on the Internet.