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These Bills Probably Wouldn’t Be Accepted in a Store; But They Would Be Worth a Lot in a Art Gallery!

For whatever reason, you don’t see so many mosaics anymore. Maybe it is the increase of digital art genres, or just that it is such a niche form of expression. Whatever the reason, when you do see a great mosaic it makes it all the more special and fascinating.

These five are examples of how an interesting concept can be brought to life using a creative medium. In this case, that medium is money. Each one uses this symbol of wealth to create a powerful (and often bizarre) piece of work.

1. Lightning Struck Washington

lighting struck Washington

This intriguing image features George Washington as he is shown on the $1 bill sitting in a chair, seemingly bound by a foggy and mysterious source, being struck by lightning hovering over his head.

The mathematical nature of the background is strange and seems to fade behind the image of the former president gazing at the viewer from beneath his personal storm.

2. United States Of Arabia

united states of arabia

This mosaic could, of course, be interpreted many different ways. It could be a testament to the open nature of the market on an international level, a statement on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or perhaps just a look at the financial ties that have existed between the US and various Middle Eastern nations for years.

Whatever the case, it is a provocative image.


this is sparta!

Somehow I doubt this one has too deep of a meaning. It features a Spartan colored onto the face of a $20 bill, done with colors and a jagged lettering. It is creative and definitely funny, and you can only imaging the look of surprise on the face of the teller who would eventually wind up in possession of it.

4. Mark Wagner

mark wagner

Mark Wagner is well known for making stunningly complex and beautiful pieces of artwork using money as his focus and tool. There are too many for me to list here while doing him proper justice. However, the one linked is my personal favorite from his Faces series. You can see how he so seamlessly delivers details without ruining the obvious use of dollar bills.

5. Zombie Bucks

zombie bucks

Zombies have always been cool and they will always be cool. That is just an unshakable law of the universe that cannot be broken. If you are ever up in Canada, you might like to bring along your own Zombie Bucks, an adaption of their currency that features each face with that of an undead counterpart. Notice the blood lust in the eyes and the eager look of hunger around the mouth. Now that is money I could be proud to earn.

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Do you have some favorite money related mosaics that you would like to share? We are always looking for more examples of good – or just strange – art work. Leave us a link in the comments below.

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The post uses the works by Mark Wagner, Joe D!