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The Nightmare Table of Every HouseWife Who’s Obsessed About Cleaning.

He’ve got table cloths. We’ve got drink coasters. Most civilized human beings spend a lot of time and energy trying to make sure their table surfaces stay clean. So what can you say about a table that was designed to proudly display any and all traces of use? You may be excited. You may be horrified. But you won’t fail to be impressed:


This concept is called “Thermocromic Table” and it was designed by Jay Watson.


See? It never fails to make an impression!


It’s made from solid oak, then coated with a special black paint that goes transparent when heat is applied.


Don’t worry — it goes back to normal when the paint cools off.




And here’s what the Internet has to say about this:


Great work, Mr. Watson! This could be used to help treat people with PTCD (post traumatic cleaning disorder).