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They Were Great at Baking Cakes… But Somehow, All Their Clients Were Outraged!

These cake disasters are a lesson in communication between the buyer and the baker, making you wonder if one of the parties was speaking a foreign language. See if you can guess what the cakes were supposed to say.

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

cake wrecks

Cakes are often the centerpieces at important functions and gatherings. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers; these parties wouldn’t be complete without a themed cake to mark the occasion. While many people take pride in creating their own homemade cakes to celebrate special events, many are much too busy to worry about the cake. That’s where bakeries come in.

Bakeries are ready and willing to accept orders with a smile, creating cakes of peoples’ dreams, leaving no cake dreams unfulfilled. As baking and food reality shows grow in popularity, the pressure is on for even small town bakeries to deliver beautiful cakes, no matter how outlandish the request.

“Best Wishes Marie Underneat That We Will Miss You!”

“Write ‘Welcome’ On It”

“Welcome Baby in Pink”

“Happy November and December Birthdays-Abbreviate Nov. and Dec. if you need to.”

“Congratulations Three Times!”

“Congratulations on Your Weeding!”

Perhaps It’s in the Interpretation

Someone ordered a cake for baby’s arrival, wanting a cute stork-delivery cake. The cake arrived with an airplane on it with a baby falling out, and the words “Special Delivery.”

You would expect a ‘Welcome Baby’ cake to have a cute bunny, bear, or baby upon it. This one welcomes the new babe with a cuddly skull as the focal point, adorned with pink bows of course.

An oval-shaped cake topped with gobs of blue frosting with a plastic baby head peaking out is supposed to mimic a baby in a bassinet, but gives the impression of a newborn baby lying in a full bath tub, or worse yet, a casket.

How about getting a spooky, Halloween cake adorned with two, ummm, rather phallic-looking ghosts.

Unfortunately, cakes don’t always come out as planned, or somewhere along the way there are miscommunications between baker and buyer. I remember my first bakery cake mix-up well. It was my third birthday, I tagged along to the grocery store bakery to pick up the much-anticipated “Holly Hobby” cake. My mom anxiously unveiled a beautiful, blue and white…guitar. Yes, a guitar.

Well, I’m sure my three-year-old mind was devastated on some level, but the part of me that desperately wanted a perfect birthday was able to rationalize this into thinking I actually wanted a guitar all along. Although it can potentially devastate a special event in someone’s life, bakery cake disasters are actually quite hilarious. Even those on the receiving end of a not-so-dreamy cake might be able to laugh about it eventually.