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All The Advice Animals You Must Know About To Understand The Internet

If you haven’t seen Advice Animals yet, you’re missing out on the best that Internet humor has to offer. Advice Animals are an image macro series, characterized by an animal or human with a particular character trait or quirk. The Advice Animals first started in 2006 with the emergence of Advice Dog, a cute puppy contrasted with terrible advice. There are dozens of variations on Advice Animals, with the following as the most notable examples.

Internet Meme Roundup:The 10 Best Advice Animals

Advice Dog

advice dog is here to save your day

Advice dog is an image series characterized by an adorable puppy set on a rainbow background. However, this cute animal is contrasted by recommendations of bad advice. Gaining explosive popularity on 4chan, Reddit and Tumblr, Advice Dog was the forerunner for many Advice Animals to come.

Courage Wolf

courage wolf internet meme

Courage Wolf a spinoff of Advice Dog, characterized with an overabundance of courage. The first line of text will generally detail a problem or situation, while the second line will provide courageous advice or a solution.

Insanity Wolf

insanity wolf internet meme

A variant of Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf wants to help you achieve success at any cost. Featuring a snarling black wolf with a psychotic look, Courage Wolf will help you achieve your goals through extreme, drastic advice.


philosoraptor internet meme

Philosoraptor first emerged in 2008, featuring a raptor head imposed on a green background, pondering deep philosophical issues. Not afraid to ask difficult questions, this contemplative dinosaur presents quandaries that have individuals scratching their heads.

Socially Awkward Penguin

socially awkward penguin internet meme

This meme features a penguin imposed on a blue background, coupled with text that highlights social awkwardness and low self-esteem. Featured in situations that are often all too familiar, Socially Awkward Penguin is meant to make light of the sadness that is our own lives.

Lame Pun Coon

lame pun coon internet meme

Also known as “Bad Joke Raccoon”, this meme takes a variety of topics and subject matter and transforms them into bad humor. Extremely cheesy and obvious, Lame Pun Coon delivers one lame, cringe-worthy pun after another.

Foul Bachelor Frog

foul bachelor frog internet meme

Foul Bachelor Frog first appeared in 2009, and features a frog’s face on a green background. This particular meme highlights characteristic traits of single bachelor life, and often delves into the lazy, questionable habits of bachelors.

Rich Raven

rich raven internet meme

Rich Raven features a raven with overwhelming amounts of wealth. This meme has an image of a raven with characteristic signs of wealth, such as a cane, top hat and a bottle of wine. The first line of text describes a prized item or possession, while the second line disdainfully scorns the aforementioned text.

Paranoid Parrot

paranoid parrot internet meme

Paranoid Parrot features an image of a blue and yellow parrot paired with stories of paranoia and obsession. The first line of the text highlights an everyday scenario, while the second follows up with a disproportionately paranoid response.

Business Cat

business cat internet meme

One of the more recent iterations of Advice Animals, Business Cat features a black cat wearing a professional collar and tie. All business and no fun, Business Cat mimics behavior typical of the average office boss.

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