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Goofy Gifts Guaranteed to Infuriate Different Types of Travellers

There are loads of sensible presents you can buy for someone who likes to travel, but where’s the fun in that? Here’s a selection of funny gifts you can give to all sorts of globe trotter. They might not thank you for them but at least it will give you a laugh!

The Backpacker: Something Heavy

Stephen: The Pet Rock.

Giving your backpacking friend something heavy is cruel but funny at the same time. The secret is to give them a meaningful gift that they feel obliged to take with them.
Obviously if you send them a brick they’re just going to leave it at home, but a hand decorated rock mascot may just make the trip.

The Flashpacker: Anything with a Dollar Symbol

Funny Gifts for 8 Different Types of Travellers Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21

Flashpackers want to see the world but with all the comforts of home. Anyone who carries an iPod, iPad or laptop in their backpack runs the risk of being branded one. A stereotypical flashpacker is the sort of person who’ll miss a beautiful sunset because they were too busy updating their Facebook status telling everyone what a great time they’re having.

If this sounds like a friend of yours you’ve got to get them a gift that pokes fun at their love of technology. Buying a protective sleeve for their gadgets with a novelty design (preferably a dollar sign) is a great way to wind them up. In fact anything branded with a money, money, bling theme would work just as well.

The Thrill Seeker: Life Insurance

Funny Gifts for 8 Different Types of Travellers

Life insurance is a funny gift for any traveller who’s going to be taking a few risks. Well it’s funny until something bad happens, but if it does at least it will have been practical.
It could also be pretty expensive to insure someone who’s planning hang off a cliff face and bungee jump into a canyon. On second thought maybe just get them a Karabiner.

The Beach Bum: Inflatable Crocodile

Funny Gifts for 8 Different Types of Travellers - Flying the Swedish flag with a croc

Blow up crocodiles are not only funny but also an essential bit of kit for a package holiday enthusiast. No self-respecting beach bum can set foot on the sand or lounge by the pool without a novelty inflatable by their side.

Admittedly it doesn’t have to be a crocodile. There are loads of different options available. Other classics include whales, dolphins, ducks and frogs. You can even get inflatable dinosaurs which seems pretty random. I’m pretty sure a T-Rex can’t swim but stick some armbands on her and hopefully she’ll be fine.

The Eco Warrior: A Hemp Rucksack

Need a hug?

People who love the environment also love hemp. It’s a well-known fact. Hemp isn’t exactly waterproof so isn’t the most practical material for a rucksack. Then again practical rucksacks aren’t going to save any penguins, so I’m sure your planet loving friends will appreciate your efforts.

The Gap Year Student: Revision Books

Studying abroad

This will irritate your friend beyond belief, but that’s why it’s so funny. It will remind them that although they’re temporarily free from education in a year’s time they’ll be hitting the books again. Hopefully they’ll see the funny side and won’t let the thought of an approaching maths degree ruin their trip.

The Adventurer: A Fedora and Satchel

Funny Gifts for 8 Different Types of Travellers: Hat -- Coyle's Downtowner Fedora

The great thing about giving your friend a fedora and satchel is that you’ll get to laugh at all the photos when they get back. They’re sure to love these gifts and will naturally assume they’ve been transformed into Indiana Jones.

So your friend will think he’s an intrepid adventurer but in reality he’s just and accountant on holiday in Peru. The only difference is he’ll be wearing a stupid hat.

The Festival Goer: A Megaphone

Funny Gifts for 8 Different Types of Travellers
This gift is funnier for the recipient than the sender. You can have a lot of fun with a megaphone at a festival that’s for sure.
You can use it to shout random quips at strangers from across the campsite or make a few fake announcements. The latter will probably get you in trouble though, so be sure to keep it well hidden.

The Weekend Breaker: A 7 Day Travel Card

Minister Kelly launches Leap integrated travel card for Greater Dublin

It might feel like a waste of money but it’s a great way to annoy your friend and get him thinking that he should have gone away for the week.

When he’s not buying hilarious presents for his friends Mike H spends his days writing for Find Me A Gift, the online novelty gifts specialists from the United Kingdom.