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Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong; Surprise: Michael Jackson is Not Even The Worst Example!

Cosmetic surgery is designed to enhance the face and body as many decide they want to correct flaws in their own appearance. Those wishing for a boost in self-confidence often opt for cosmetic surgery, however not everyone receives the results they had so hoped for. Below are 5 examples of high profile celebrities who invested in excessive amounts of cosmetic surgery:

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures Gone Wrong

Jocelyn Wildenstein, or more commonly known as: the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’, is a perfect example of how addictive cosmetic surgery can be. It is rumoured that Wildenstein has spent more than $4,000,000 on cosmetic treatments since the 1990’s.
Unfortunately, her face has changed so drastically in recent years that it is impossible to identify the naturally beautiful, young lady portrayed in the 1970’s. Years of treatment have left Wildenstein’s face looking puffy and overly taut. Furthermore, she has overindulged in Botox and her lips are now the dominating feature of her face.

2. Michael Jackson

Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures Gone Wrong

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly one of the most talented performers of all time but was also known for being constantly criticised by the media, in regards to his personal life choices. Jackson underwent multiple cosmetic operations after wanting to change the appearance of his nose.
Regrettably, his appearance changed so dramatically over the course of his life that he was virtually unrecognisable in comparison to photographs from when he was a young boy in the Jackson 5. It is thought that Jackson had more than 10 procedures to alter the way in which his nose looked. Jackson’s sisters, Janet and LaToya have also been slammed by critics for undergoing similar cosmetic procedures.

3. Pete Burns

Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures Gone Wrong

Pete Burns, famously known for his hit song, ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’, has spent more than a decade altering his face. The 80’s pop star has had a number of facial treatments including lip enhancements and cheek implants. He revealed in an interview that he spent his life savings on corrective treatment for ‘botched lip treatment’.

4. Jackie Stallone


Jackie Stallone: mother to an A-lister and the face of plastic surgery. Rocky Star, Sylvester’s mother has dabbled with a host of cosmetic treatments over the years. Procedures include: lip enhancements, full-face lifts, cheek implants and rhinoplasty. Viewers in the UK were shocked when she appeared on the popular TV show Big Brother with puffy skin, spoiled lips and ‘surprised’ looking eye brows.

5. Pamela Anderson

Top 5 Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures Gone Wrong

Since the end of Baywatch, star of the show Pamela Anderson has made news headlines as a result of dubious cosmetic procedures. Anderson is rumoured to have had several treatments, including breast implant surgery, which caused her once famous chest to become completely misshapen and unnatural in appearance.

There is no doubting that cosmetic surgery can enhance the way many look and create phenomenal results, but it’s important to be aware that there is a real risk in failure at any time. Choosing to undergo a series of treatments in a short space of time for vanity purposes usually results in the failure of surgery.

The Hills star, Heidi Montag, underwent 16 treatments in little more than a day and lost all traces of her natural, youthful beauty. One of the main problems with cosmetic surgery is that it becomes addictive. When one ‘flaw’ is corrected another one becomes apparent. Despite receiving a series of treatments and spending huge amounts of money many are constantly disappointed with their appearance.

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