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Stupidest TV Shows From Around the World; Russia Takes The Big Prize, Here!

TV is full of shows that, even though often popular, are completely and utterly ridiculous. Sometimes shows are so stupid that it is hard to understand how anyone came up with them in the first place; sometimes they are so ridiculous that you find yourself compelled to watch them. Here is a collection of some of the stupidest TV shows from around the world, some of which you will be desperate to watch, some of which you will want to do everything you can to avoid.

1. Jackass


Jackass is the ultimate in stupid TV programmes, but it also shows that there is a huge demand for stupidity on our screens. When Johnny Knoxville and the gang put together some videos of themselves doing disgusting and incredibly painful things for the amusement of the viewers, surely they could not have been prepared for just how much of an international hit it would become. The original programme on MTV in 2000 spawned three films and made Jackass a household name, but despite its worldwide popularity it remains one of the stupidest programmes ever made.

2. Naked Jungle


Stupid shows do not always become popular, as the makers of Channel 5’s Naked Jungle discovered in 2000. The show involved naturist couples carrying out tasks to collect fig leaves while completely naked. Even the presenter, Keith Chegwin, remained in the buff. It was awkward, it was bizarre, and it was terrible TV. Needless to say, it did not last long.

3. Brain Wall


If you’ve ever played the popular computer game Tetris then you will understand why this gameshow got the nickname ‘Human Tetris’. Brain Wall was actually a part of a Japanese show called Tonneruzu, and involved people contorting themselves into various shapes while a wall with a shape cut out of it moved towards them. The aim was to pass through the wall by forming the correct shape, and failure to do so saw the contestant pushed into a pool of water. It was completely daft, but popular enough for the concept to travel to a number of other countries.

4. Dirty Sanchez


To prove that it wasn’t just the Jackass boys who could hurt themselves in as many ways as possible for the pleasure of viewers, the British version, Dirty Sanchez, hit our screens in 2003. Matthew Pritchard and his gang became a huge hit as they arguably pushed the boundaries even further than their US counterparts, suggesting that the viewing public would never grow bored of seeing people hurting themselves on TV.

5. Takeshi’s Castle


This was a popular game show from Japan in the late 80s. It basically involves contestants taking on tough challenges to reach Takeshi at the top of his castle, often falling and hurting themselves on the way. It became a massive hit, and was the basis for numerous spin-offs in other countries.

6. The Intercept


There cannot be many gameshows that are crazier than this one from Russia. Essentially, the contestants are provided with a car that has been reported to the police as stolen, and they then have to escape the police for 35 minutes. Avoid capture, and they win the car. Most ended up getting caught, and the population of Russia was absolutely hooked: 85 million tuned in at the peak of the show’s popularity.

What Will They Think of Next?

Stupid, crazy shows have always proved popular around the world, and the above are just a few of the stupidest of the lot. But it’s never long before something else comes along to push the boundaries of stupidness – who knows what they’ll think of next?

Written by John from Youview, the digital recording device that lets you record, pause and rewind live TV – perfect for catching all the most stupid TV shows from around the world.