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“Freak of Nature” Poses Nude; Impresses Everyone With a Beautiful Statement

This is a deeply shallow world we’re living in. Unless you look good enough, you never have any real opportunities in life. Isn’t that right? It’s really not, actually. It doesn’t have to be.

Torstein Lerhol is living proof the world is what you make of it. Weighing in at under 40 (forty!) pounds, he suffers from a serious muscular disease that makes him dependent on 24/7 care. Regardless, he’s an inveterate optimistic, a successful politician in Norway and all around a great person to be with.



He just doesn’t happen to look like “normal” people do. But clearly there is so much going on for this wonderful human being. He claims he’s had a very happy life despite of his condition, and recently he collaborated with photographer Henrik Fjørtoft to show the world that our ideas on beauty and personal satisfaction are petty and senseless.


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