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Retired Teacher Builds Country House From Scratch; Spends Less Than $250

So you’d like to get your own country house but you’re low on funds? No problem whatsoever! Just ask Michael Buck, a 59-year old retired teacher. He’ll tell you to never mind about getting a bank loan, and just start scavenging for materials to build your home, then build it.

According to this ingenious man all it took was eight months, about $240 worth of materials that he bought, plus all kinds of materials he reused (such as wooden planks from a nearby abandoned house, a windshield from a truck, and a bit of clay and cow manure for the walls).


<p>This lovely house is absolutely eco-friendly: not only due to the materials he chose, but also because no electrical tools were needed to get his place up. And what a lovely place it is! Would you like to live in such a dream house? Remember, all you need is a strip of land and some ingenuity - so no more excuses!</p>
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