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This 99 Year Old Beggar Would Put Robin Hood to Shame.

Granpa Dobri is an extraordinary man. On the surface, he seems like a typical old beggar roaming the streets of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. But he’s not actually begging for the money, nor is he keeping it for himself.

This man is a living embodiment of pure sympathy. No wonder they call him a saint! Do you know what he does every day?


He commutes 18 miles from his remote village to the capital of his country. He really doesn’t need to, since he could live quietly off his modest pension.

But for decades he’s spent his days collecting alms from strangers. And he gives it all away to charity works. He is rumored to have contributed in excess of $50,000 over the years. And do you know why he does that?


For the sake of the future generations. He gives his money to the church because he believes in upkeeping a spiritual legacy. He knows that kindness inspires kindness. And judging from the documentary at the end of this article, he’s right!

Djado Dobri ot selo Bailovo

This saintly old man would put Robin Hood to shame. Because what he does is much more precious that stealing from the rich to benefit the poor. He collects from everyone to benefit everyone. He inspires all his Hungarian folks to be at their finest. And recently, since this story went widespread, he inspired millions throughout the world.


If you think this is a moving story, don’t settle: pay it forward. Go out of your way today, and do an act of kindness – just for the sake of it. Do anything that would make Granpa Dobri proud! Would you like some ideas to get started?


You don’t have to collect money, or even give money away. You don’t have to be a Catholic, or even religious. There are many little ways you can help brighten this world. Sometimes all it takes is a little kindness.

Don’t put this old man in a pedestal: join him in action. I’m sure that’s what would make him happy.


You can read more about this Granpa Dobri here and here. Make sure to watch the 5 minute documentary below, to learn many more details about The Elder Dobri Dobrev of Baylovo, Bulgaria.