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Improv Piano Guy @ Chat Roulette: just because he can.

Everyone Else Was Using Chat Roulette to Show Their Organs. This Guy Chose Revealing His Piano, Instead.

Strange man, the way you play the pianooo
hanging around on chat rouleeee-eeeette,
Dude it’s messed up, everyone gets confused,
they don’t really know what you’re up toooo

Suspicious and horny random strangers,
unexpectedly come across your improv show,
Such a strange display of musicality, bro!
No time for rhymes, I’ll see you on the other side! yeah”

Hm… well, so Okay that was me doing a little improv posting, I guess. A little homage to what may just be one of the strangest people (in a good sense) hanging around ChatRoulette. If you don’t know what Chatroulette is, that’s a website where random strangers can chat in a totally random manner. Regarding who the piano guy is… I’m glad you ask! That’s the whole point of this post after all, and there you go:

Pretty cool, wasn’t that? Well, it turns out this guy seems to have started an improvisation trend… or so it looks. I was just about to get my banjo and go out improv some country tunes on chat roulette, but then I realized I wasn’t the only one drawing inspiration from this online music prank of sorts. Well, being so I figured I might was well look up some of the best performers and round’em up here. With that said, feel free to proceed fearlessly down this post and make sure to Continue reading