This is What Happens When Clever Folks Decorate Their Cars for Halloween

So are you looking around for a nice used car? In that case, this article should serve as inspiration… if nothing else, as a reminder of the types of cars you surely wouldn’t want to own. In fact, we’re even surprised that some people have tried, at some point, to sell the following mods as though it was something interesting and noteworthy, where in fact it’s mostly a piece of junk. But we all know car sales people, right? They all seem to have quite the knack for embellishing the truth, especially as far as inexperienced drivers can tell.

Are you ready to look at some of the funniest used cars ever to grace a used auto dealership? Here goes:













How do you like that? Some of those are pretty inspirational, don’t you think so? Well, in any case… if you happen to be looking for a serious car dealership somewhere in Texas, we recommend looking up Dallas used cars, used cars Arlington, and used cars Irving. This is a pretty reputable website, so they’re unlike to give you any trouble. Also, we have good word the salespeople who work there are really not pushy, and they put the interest of the client first.

In any case, here’s a pro tip: when you go looking for a used car, bring along you camera and take some pictures of the engine for future reference; if the dealers ask what you’re doing, tell them the truth: you’re taking some reference pics for your mechanic.

And in fact, you’d be surprised with how much a good mechanic can tell, just by looking at pictures of a car engine. Also, when you’ve decided on a car and are seriously looking to close the deal, you should then bring your mechanic along in person for a quick check of the car’s condition. It may sound like a lot of trouble, and may even involve some expenses, but it’s the only way to make an informed decision (unless of course, if you’re also knowledgeable in car mechanics).