Here are The Most Innovative Office Chairs You’ve Ever Seen! Some Look Really Uncomfortable, Though.

Are you the kind of business person who makes a point of owning only the finest gear that money can buy? Are you looking for an office chair to dominate all office chairs? Do you have no interest in getting a cheap office chair? Then we’ve written this article just for you!


After searching the Internet far and wide for the most impressive and innovative office chair designs known to man, this is what we have to say on the matter; read on and marvel about it!

Saddle Chair


First on the list, here’s a chair that’s only moderately unusual, but still worth noting. As you can see from the picture below, this is essentially a standard office chair with extended support for the neck, and a peculiarly shaped back support that allows resting your arms in a odd-looking but remarkably comfortable stance.

Tree Shaped Chair


Speaking of chairs that are vastly more comfortable than they look, here’s another great example. This tree shaped chair allows you to sit in a panoply of positions, and somehow makes you feel like you’re relaxing up on a tree branch.

Balance Meeting Chair


Here’s a special concept… a chair that promotes team work and balance. It features three sitting positions, but here’s the catch: unless the sitters shift their weight properly in order to stay mutually balanced, everyone will just end up sitting on the floor. Meeting dismissed!

Emergency Ejector Chair


Does your day at the office sometimes tend to get so stressful, you wish there was an “eject” button to instantly send you far away? Well, now you can… at least figuratively. This office chair is adapted from a jet plane’s ejectable seat, and even though the ejection function doesn’t actually work, the whole thing does look extremely cool.



And when you feel like taking a breather to get some reading done, this is the ideal chair. As you can see, it’s essentially a comfort seat with embedded bookshelves along the outer surfaces; it holds plenty of books and will add that special intellectual flair to your office!

Vertebral Chair


This one may look like a weird movie prop, or at least something meant to please steam-punk enthusiasts; but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The mechanical back in this chair features 10 articulable sections that actually adjust to conform precisely to the shape of your spine, giving your back more support than you ever imagined possible.

Limbic Ergonomic Chair


This is another great example of ugly but effective ergonomics. At first sight you will probably have difficulties understanding how you even sit on this thing, right? Those articulable dual supports are meant to accommodate your thighs in a way that adjusts to your every move, always keeping you in perfect ergonomic balance. The bad news: this is by no means a discount chair, and would set you back about $2k.

Workbay Chair


To round off this article, here’s a chair that is meant to help you get focused even in a noisy environment, by covering your angle of vision in a way that makes you feel there is no one else around. We kind of think it’s a bit over the top, but hey… sometimes business people have to take extreme measures to stay productive, right?