Unusual Watches that Look Really Cool… But Make You Wonder Exactly What The Time Is.

Timepieces and watches have greatly evolved over the years. What were once instruments of function soon became fashion.

Today, watches are viewed as accessories that coordinate with the attire worn. Casio watches, Lucien Piccard watches, and other brand names are known for their style rather than solely performance capabilities.

Clocks, also, are as much functional as a component of interior design. Apart from the conventional wristwatch and wallclock, there are some timepieces today that stand out, with wild and wacky features that will blow your mind.

The ChronArte Quadro wall clock is a visual display of modern art. The 12 columned face begins as a stark white, and colored textile bands travel upward to form a colored face as time passes. At 12:00, when the face is fully colored, the narrow fabric bands revert to their original white, and the pattern begins again. Produced in Switzerland, as many quality watches, such as Lucien Piccard watches are, this clock is one of a kind, and automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.

The Spiral clock appeals to your inner child with a design that looks almost like a labyrinth. The clock rotates as time passes, so the ball travels along the numbers on the face. At 12:00 the ball falls through the hole and begins its journey again. You can tell the time by the position of the ball between the numerals.

Although Diesel watches are usually the kings of futuristic, this watch, designed by Roger Kellenberger, is one of a kind, with no hands or face. A rotating inner ring tells the time based on its alignment to stationary notches on the outer ring. The wearer’s skin shows up through the hole where the face would be.

It is evident why this men’s watch is called Diesel No Face, or Diesel DZ 9044. Constructed from durable solid stainless steel, this luxury watch has a bold black finish and a black pebbled leather band. It brilliantly hides the face on the side, for a watch that is sleek and stylish, and easy to tell time on.

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