Serious Ads By Funny Lawyers! Maybe They Won’t Win The Case, But Everyone Will Laugh.

Ah… lawyers. According to some people, one of the most despicable races on earth. According to others… uh, does anyone really like lawyers anyway, or are they nothing but a necessary evil? Whatever the case may be, serious lawyers arguably make for some of the funniest commercials I’ve ever seen. And this post compiles the funniest commercial ads around so… uh, click play-play-play and I’ll get you laughing! And I’ll win you case too! YEAH!!

“I’m not afraid to take your case to court… just as soon as I wipe my pants clean!”

“I am the hammer, they are the nails!”

“What you need… is Bla Bla Bla.”

“These aren’t actors, you know?” No kidding!?

“The lawya gantsa playa something something mayo?”

Uh… I think this one is talking lawyer’s code:

Taking lawyers seriously? That’s so… old school, dad!

Note to the readers: Can you believe this is the only fake ad out from the bunch?