Dancing With The Stars… No Panties Edition? Ok, Please Tell Me I Wasn’t The Only One To See That.

Have you heard about the latest trend? That’s dancing with no panties, for utmost visual bedazzle with just the right amount of *flash*! This is a method that some participants in the popular TV show “dancing with the stars” have been trying to great effect. Judging from the huge buzz all across the Internet, dancing with the starts no panties may quite just become a motto for the next iteration in the popular dance show:

If the video up there has already been removed, try this alternate version. Due to network censorship, this video is now quite hard to find; as far as I know, the only way to watch this footage is through DirectTV. People with access to this service can get access to thousands of TV channels – both live and recordings – over the Internet; so if you’re registered, you just need to log in to your account and choose “watch Dancing with the Stars /Sep 29″. It’s as simple as that!

Extra! Extra! I’ve just learned that all those channels can actually be watched for free, over at http://www.global-itv.com/

Dancing with the stars? Yes? No panties? Who knows... I wish I had directTV to watch the untampered footage from the show.

Some people refer to this phenomena as “dancing with the stars wardrobe malfunction” while others prefer the hipster term “dancing with the stars flash”… also depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re are you may instead be more familiar with the expression “so you think you can dance? flash” or likewise “so you think you can dance? no panties”; however you put it, I think it’s safe to say that dancing with the stars crotch is possibly more interesting still than dancing with the stars themselves. Well, at least I’d never heard of a time this show got more hyped up than now!

Stay tuned for more information on sweet dancing moves! I’ll make some research on this hot new trend and provide you with extra information just as soon as I found it! You may want to bookmark this post if you want to be kept in the loop ;)