Badvertisements 2: Terrible Advertisements That Will Make You LOL

If you can’t get enough of Badvertisements, the kind of ads that make you go “Uh?”, today is your lucky day! I’ve joined together some of the best worse advertisements that show just how desperate marketeers can get, trying to stand out from the crowd.

Oftentimes, much will be lost in translation, while an apparently brilliant idea gets converted into a nonsensical advertisement. Let’s see this series of Alka Seltzer ads, for example: they clearly intended to show us their anti-acids are so good you’ll be able to eat pretty much everything in sight. Hilarious, eh? Yeah, not really.

Next, we’re invited to visit the region of Aquitaine, in France. Apparently, this is such a nice place to visit that you’ll never want to leave. As clearly demonstrated in the following ads… but come on advertisement people, could you get a little less literal?

If you’d rather spend some time in your own home, you might as well tackle some of those chores you’ve been putting of for a long time. It will get so much easier with this lawnmower from Black&Decker, with the added bonus your lawn will get a whole bunch of semi-mutilated animals… how’s that for a warm fuzzy feeling inside?

Now that you’ve had your way with the lawn and those pesky little creatures, you’re probably thirsty. If so, why not joining me in drinking a Carlsberg? As you can see from the following ads, it’s a recommendable beer for anyone with a positive IQ!

Don’t you hate the kind of people who keep making those “quotes” gesture whenever they mean to convey irony? Well, why stop at making annoying gestures when you can actually make a giant quote sign and push your annoying powers to the extreme?

If you think your thumbs lack personality, here’s a good tip: just get yourself some cool Hot Wheels toys, and you’ll reclaim your rightful place in the evolution chain. I can’t really put my finger on it, but something about this ads annoys me to no end… so that’s two thumbs down, I’m afraid.

Okay, so what’s the deal, here? Getting a Kit-Kat can provide you with a much-needed relaxation from your daily routine. Sure, it’s a nice candy bar and all that, but… what’s wrong with those people in the ads, anyway? Is this their idea of having a break? Is this a modern way of eating chocolate I wasn’t familiar with?

That’s actually quite charming, the message in the following ads “you eat what you touch”… right? Does that mean if I get touched by a bad advertisement, I’ll lose my appetite for a specific product? I certainly hope so.

Right. The following ads pretty much speak for themselves… I mean, who are these kind of woolophile people who so much enjoy getting covered in strange wool garments? Does anyone out there really have such fondness for wool? It’s pictures like this that get me fearful about other members in the human race…. thanks very much MIR!

Isn’t that adorable when you spend a lot of cash in a new fancy watch and the dials keep fooling around, rather than actually pointign out the time? No, it’s not ! And these so-called watchmakers should very well know about it!

And now, la crém de la crem, as far as disgusting advertisements are concerned. What better way to convince people to buy a brand of washing soap, than making then feel nautious about things that really aren’t supposed to get washed with soap… life food?

If you really want to keep your food healthy, you should add a ziplock? These bags work really well to preserve your food? Maybe, but all the while when I look at the following pictures, I see nothing but food with zippers, which is kind of disgusting. Maybe something’s wrong with me?

That’s it, folks! Stay tuned for the third and final instalment in our journey deep into the world of bad advertisements!