Bird Lover’s Rejoice: it’s the Most Talented Cockatiels on Earth!

Also known by Quarrion and Weero, the Cockatiel is possibly one of the most dear household pet birds in existence. This is because they’re highly sociable, friendly, and they excel at using their crest to express emotions. Furthermore, Cockatiels are usually amazing whistlers (even though they’re not so good with vocalizations), and specific Cockatiels have been reported to exhibit amazing talents. I was browsing along Youtube looking for some videos of talented animals, and I’ve become quickly impressed with the amount of amazing Cockatiel videos out there, so I figured it would be nice choosing the most talented speciments and making a special feature about this unique bird.

Oscar Mayer Weiner-Wong Sings the Blues:

Calopsita Jimmy singing Twisted Nerve (Kill Bill)

Legend of Zelda song:

Cockatiel Rap:

Cinnie Beatboxing Bird:

Star Wars Imperial March:

Cockatiel Singing the Blues:

Cockatiel Victory Fanfare!

That’s it, for now! Hope you enjoy the videos; if you can think of some worthwhile entries, make sure to leave a comment!