Who is Banksy? No One *Really* Knows, But So Many People Can Tell!

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The following question is rather elusive, and it really speaks volumes about the character its associated with:

Who is who is banksy? ?


If I had to be succinct, this is how I’d put it: Banksy is a graffiti warrior from 21st century England who uses his subversive art to alert public awareness regarding a number of urgent and quite often universal issues concerning our modern society.

in the future, everyone will be anonymous for 10 minutes (banksy)

Banksy is oftentimes referred to as an art terrorist, because he really has a way of subverting the social paradigms, while engaging increasingly bizarre stunts. This is a person (or group – no one publicly *knows* for sure) who really adds meaning to the expression “the Medium is the Message”, and in order to convey his message he’ll to anything from planting fake paintings in art museums, to painting a massive mural in the divide wall between Israel and Palestine – for real!

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Maybe I’ll exploit this outstanding feats in a follow-up post, but today we’re here for a humble sneak preview of “Who is Banksy?”, so let’s get on with it. While I could possibly proceed to write volumes about this anonymous prodigious street artist, that would be an utter waste of time: all you really need to know about Banksy is embedded within the following pictures.

cat rat flying trap

I’ve been scouring the vast cyberspace landscapes for some noteworthy examples of what this outstanding street art mogul is capable of, and I’d rounded up the following list – actually it’s a double list, because Banksy is the kind of person who really packs a double punch; he’s the kind of person who exhibits uncanny skills of but-kicking your whole being with his innovative visual work.

laugh now you monkey

So I’ll spare the rant and say it best by providing you with the top 10 Funny Banksies and the top 10 shoking Banksies.

I hope wathing this collection will get you excited, and maybe you’ll also get a little inspired.

To round it up, I cannot help but saying… what this world really needs is a Banksy in every corner, in every village town and metropolis, in every street!

Part 1 – Top 10 Funny Banksies

graffiti removalbreak on wallcrack on the walljust chillinstairway to heavensaddam bush lovers banksytic tac toe graffitiunder the rugwhere's the bastard?!yellow flower

Part 2 – Top 10 Shocking Banksies


twin towersterrorist paranoiatourist infothere's no wall in palestinekissing copsmickey mac faminecoke sniffing cophippie copskiller babybush saddam lovers


For an extensive weblog featuring extensive Banksy action, check here. If you just want to sit back and watch everything there is to see, check this slide-show from the biggest flikr bensky group out there (featuring over 5.000 up-to-date pictures). If you’d never heard about Banksy or seen his work, I hope you’re a little different person than before you stumbled upon this post!

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